Individual Coaching

Take yourself further by becoming all you CAN become.

Go Further

Wherever you are on life's journey, AIC will take you further along the path of understanding yourself and those around you. You are championed every step of the way, with no judgement but only unconditional love and support.

Empower yourself

Coaching encourages you to become aware of all that you are so that you can drop your stories and start living your potentials.

Aha moments of insight illuminate what your heart truly desires. You become authentic in living the life that you are uniquely here to express. No one before or after you will ever be exactly like you. Do you truly realise this; that Life needs to flow through you to be complete?

Aha moments show you the tyranny of your ego mind. They also show that a painful mind equals a painful body. Insights release years of fears and phobias that have lodged in your body.

Control of the body/mind makes it much easier to touch the subtle body of your soul, or intuition or whatever way we like to think of our inner teacher. This dimension of intelligence knows you very well and can guide you to transform your relationship with yourself and others. Aha moments of the soul bring the clarity and confidence to move forward with trust.


You evolve to a place that transcends stuck beliefs, buried emotions and unconscious patterns of relating to your self and others.

This evolution is permanent. You are given all the tools you need to keep growing and evolving long after the coaching relationship is over.


  • Transformation of your most important relationship - the one you have with you. See how you relate to both your inner world and the world around you in unconscious ways.

  • Know yourself at the deepest levels of your being so that your life purpose is identified and lived.

  • Develop radical calm in your body and radical control of your mind so that you approach yourself and the world with clarity and confidence.

  • Easily change your state when you are feeling under pressure of any kind.

  • Challenge yourself with life-transforming goals.

  • Re-cognize how to connect deeply and intuitively with yourself and others.

  • Engage with the world in the present moment instead of from stale and unconscious repertoires.

  • Become all you can become from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit.