Couples coaching

Whether you want to be coached about a relationship matter or whether you and your partner both want to be coached (separately or together), AIC can help you to find happiness and fulfilment in your relationships. We can address issues like these:

How can I/We Create the Perfect Relationship?

How can We (Re)Build Trust, Love?

How Can We Deepen Our Communication, and thus our Intimacy?

Do I Stay or do I Go?

How Do I End This Relationship That's Not Working?

How Can I Attract the Right Man (Woman) instead of the Same Man (Woman) With Different Faces?

Can I Be Happy Alone?

How do I Learn to Love?

Whatever challenges you are facing in or out of a relationship you can wake up to who you truly are, what you truly want and how to get it.

AIC is always encouraging you to step up to the next level of consciousness, the next level of awareness where you become aware of your impact on yourself and others.

You can evolve and grow to revel much more in life, always coming from a place of more empathy, more wisdom and deeper concern for all of the people in your life,