What Colour are YOUR Glasses?

Donald Trump’s language is very childish. He says out loud the kind of things that most of us keep to ourselves. He accused the London mayor of having done a “terrible job” and being “very dumb”, “incompetent” and “a stone cold loser”. The problem is that many of us have other, less judgmental, more evolved, more loving and accepting levels of thinking as well as this childish part. This is why we feel justified in judging him very harshly, as if we would never stoop so low. We disown this ‘red’ part of us and see it ‘out there’ in the Donald Trumps of the world.

The president wears a set of red glasses, a way of filtering the world that reflects his beliefs and feelings, his level of consciousness. From birth, each of us follows a universal way of unfolding our potentials. Picture it like a flight of steps that is laid out before us; we ascend these steps as we grow and evolve. We must stand on each step without skipping any of them.

Trump got to the red step and pretty much got stuck there. The red glasses see a power driven, dog-eat-dog world where I have to screw you over before you screw me over. If I don’t watch my back, somebody will take what I have, all the toys that make me feel like a big, important boy. This level equates to the toddler who will scream and kick until it gets what it wants. When Yasser Rafat was asked “Where is the centre of the earth”, he replied in true red fashion “Wherever I am”. 

If there’s any red at all in you, if there’s any red residue in me, should we stop judging Trump? The truth is that he’s trapped in a worldview where he believes his beliefs. And so do you. This keeps us filtering the world, colouring it with our own interpretation. All you can do is be reasonable, be rational, something which reds, being mostly pre-rational can never achieve. Realize that Donald Trump is not capable of seeing the world in any other way, so long as he keeps wearing the red glasses.

If you want to take your red glasses off, own up to the meanness in you, your competitive thoughts and feelings, your narcissistic need to be right, your desire to manipulate the world to suit you. See the insecurity of red, how horrible it is not to be able to trust the world, to trust other people, to relax and be in the flow of this incredible Life. So have compassion instead of judgement for the insecure little boy Donald.