Here's how I have helped others. Their own words, their own experiences, their own testimonials...

“It's hard to summarise how profound my experience of coaching with Leigh has been. 

The short version - it has changed my life. 

The longer version - when I started coaching, I thought I wanted to clarify my goals. I was focused on what I needed "to do" to be happy. What I was neglecting to see was that no matter what "I did' I still wasn't happy and that in fact there was something much deeper going on. Leigh has a gift for getting to the heart of what is really going on, helping you see the patterns that are keeping you stuck and challenging you to make the shifts you need to truly change your life. For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of peace and happiness that I'd only been able to dream of before. If you are feeling called to start  living the life you dream of, don't wait another minute and start coaching with Leigh, you wont regret it” - Holly

 “From the first session I felt heard, seen, acknowledged and appreciated in a way I never have before. Someone was on my side, in my corner, supporting me, believing in me, challenging my thoughts and beliefs until I started to believe in myself” - Melanie

“I see myself as much more in charge of my life and have more confidence as a result. I used to allow myself to be swept along by life, now I design my life to make me happy. It’s having a fabulous ripple effect on those around me, especially those closest to me” - Helen


“It is not an exaggeration to say that my whole life has transformed as a result of this most insightful coaching. I started off wanting support to clarify and achieve my goals. In the process of coaching I got to know myself for the first time and with this knowledge has come self-acceptance and self-love. I have not only achieved all my goals but I have learned how to be unconditionally happy with me” - Richard


“When I started coaching I was deeply unhappy with my relationship. I needed help to decide whether to stay or throw in the towel. With the steadfast love and encouragement of my coach I gained deep insights into how I contributed to the problems. My relationship has transformed into the mutually loving and supportive partnership I always dreamed of” – Ava


“She has a gift for getting to the heart of things! I have tried other personal development paths, including therapy but none of these gave me the clarity and confidence to move forward as a transformed human being. I came to coaching because of my marital problems but came away with so much more. Not only am I now in a happy marriage but I have come to know dimensions of my self that I never knew existed” - Stephen


“I was confused about who I was and what I wanted when I came to coaching. I have since learned to live ‘on purpose’ and my whole life has changed. It has become more focused, richer, deeper and more loving” - Sarah


“I hired a coach because I thought all my problems lay in the outside world. Aha moments woke me up to my own mind games and transformed my perspective. I now design and create the life I want for myself. The most amazing changes, though, have been the way I experience my life. I’m more grounded in the present, savouring the ebb and flow of life instead of resisting it and fighting against it. I have come to know the true meaning of loving myself for the first time and this has transformed every corner of my life” - Sharon


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