1. Become stress-free in 8 weeks!


This programme addresses groups in the workplace to promote stress management and relaxed, alert wellbeing. Participants get fully involved in the learning process with group discussions, activities and exercises so that they can apply the ideas presented.

This programme is delivered at your convenience and at your place of work. It can be taken as full or half-days, depending on what best suits your timetable.

Call now to find out how we can tailor-make a programme that addresses all the needs of your organization to make it a stress-free, creative and fulfilling place to be.


What You Can Expect

  • Identify faulty breathing patterns and postures that maintain stress, and correct them.

  • Relax the body from the inner core to achieve an unprecedented experience of deep relaxation and alertness.
  • Discover your own negative dialogue and how it imposes false restrictions on being, doing and having all that is possible at work.
  • Learn a profound method of self-enquiry that will reveal negative habits of mind.
  • A little adrenalin is necessary to achieve goals, but feeling stress in the body-mind is highly counter-productive. We only offer coaching and training that can be proved to work in these areas. With the help of our assessment tools, delegates can measure their stress levels before and after the course. 
  • Discover your innermost values and how they can be honoured at work for your motivation and wellbeing. 

  • Find out how small changes in your lifestyle, especially diet, exercise and stress-busting techniques can vastly reduce stress.
  • Discover your personality type so that you can flourish in relationship with yourself and your co-workers.
  • Learn stress-free creative ways to approach planning and problem-solving.
  • Follow-up coaching is offered either throughout the course or on its completion. Research shows that training plus coaching is vastly more effective than training alone. It is estimated that, a month after training ends, 70% of what was learned has been forgotten, or is not implemented. Conversely, training followed by coaching results in 70% of what was learned being actively retained and implemented.