WAKING UP: Something in the Air

There is evidence of little shoots of light rising up to pierce through this dark world.

The light is beginning to shine in the hearts and minds of growing numbers of young adults as they question their brainwashing that life is about competition in a dog-eat-dog world.

Many are gaining insights into the communal energy field within them and around them. They are having huge Aha moments as they find connection to this subtle energy field that is the source of all Life.

They are realising for themselves that their willingness to connect with rather than compete with other souls around them feels much nicer, more peaceful and more fulfilling.

They are finding that their intuition guides them to feel gratitude, acceptance and the willingness and desire to strengthen the golden, invisible filaments of the field that connects us as One.

Young people can be our salvation as they learn to deeply accept and trust their own intuition and reach out to others with the same acceptance.

They need only resist the clutches of a society that tells them to follow its vacuous lead to a life of unfulfilled mediocrity.