WAKING UP: Re-Cognizing

To re-cognize something literally means to know it again. 

So many of us experience a constant, if vague, feeling that we used to have something very precious that went missing. This engenders a range of background emotions from a mild sense of unease to a full out panic attack, a low-level dread to a crippling fear. 

This is bound to happen when you unconsciously treat your thoughts as the be-all and end-all of your existence. You listen to the voices as if they had some kind of solid reality, some separate existence, some authority. And thus you end up with bats in the belfry, maniacs in your attic that think they’re you. These voices to which you give all your focus and attention are what are stopping you from re-cognizing your true capabilities.

Never before has there been such urgency to question the paradigm that brainwashes you into believing that your thoughts equal you, who you essentially are. You have been through an ‘education’ system that concentrates almost solely on the intellect, the classification and remembering system that comprises the left brain. Hence you are becoming more robotic.

Gone from the curriculum are stimulants for your right brain – the one that doesn’t slavishly follow ‘facts’ (which are only ever theories) but opens the gateway to your soul and your life purpose. Gone is the drama and art, the sports and music and all the other ways that we can access intelligences within us that don’t rely on ingesting theories put into our heads by other fallible heads.

If you want to wake up to all of your God-given capacities, then start to re-cognise the parts of you that society has pissed upon. Contact your heart, meditate upon its energy, open it up to reveal the intuition of your soul. Allow it to express itself through music, dance, poetry, exercise or any other way that you can touch into the subtle energy that is your own raw, unique contribution to this world. Claim it back. Re-cognize it!