Learn how to bounce back from setbacks!


This 6 week programme addresses groups in the workplace to promote resilience. Resilience empowers people to bounce back from setbacks and perceived failures. Participants get fully involved in the learning process with group discussions, activities and exercises so that they can apply the ideas that are presented. 

Follow-up coaching is offered either throughout the course or on its completion. Research shows that training plus coaching is vastly more effective than training alone. It is estimated that, a month after training ends, 70% of what has been learned has been forgotten, or is not implemented. Conversely, training followed by coaching results in 70% of what has been learned being retained and implemented.

This programme is delivered at your convenience and at your place of work. It can be taken as full or half-days, depending on what best suits your timetable.

Call now to find out how we can tailor-make a programme that addresses all the needs of your organization to make it a stress-free, radically resilient place to work.

What You Can Expect

  • Develop resilience and understand it as a process that everyone can learn (it used to be thought that resilience, which includes the ability to detach from situations, thoughts and feelings, was a character trait.)
  • PERMA: positive emotion; engagement; relationships; meaning and   accomplishment all contribute towards resilience.
  • Learn how to maintain positive emotions when facing adversity and how to use this to promote flexible thinking and problem solving. 
  • Resilience training gives meaning and value to work and fosters engagement and job satisfaction, increasing productivity.
  • Resilience training helps us to recover quickly from stressful situations and encounters and to learn from experiences. 
  • Developing resilience increases self-awareness, social competence and empathy adding to our sense of wellbeing and life satisfaction.