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Empty Space is not Empty

Empty Space is not Empty

I had a conversation yesterday with Ben, a very bright teenager who has just left school. His sense of relief at having escaped the madhouse was palpable. He confirmed what I already knew; that he had learned nothing of any value. On top of that, I found out that kids are still being lied to. He was still being taught only  the Newtonian model of physics. 

Science has served us well in many ways but it is a partial way of looking at our relationship to the world and to ourselves. Science, like any field of endeavor, can only be useful to us if it is honest with us. One of the false premises it still peddles to Ben and kids like him is that empty space is empty. This is not true. 

The space between things is full of a living, pulsating essence, a field that the quantum physicist Max Planck called the “matrix”, a conscious and intelligent divine mind that is the matrix of all matter.

Ancient cultures knew how to tap into this matrix with a mixture of clear mental intention and heart-based emotions like love, compassion and forgiveness. This combination can literally change the nature of the field surrounding our bodies and lead to miraculous healing.

Life Force

Life Force

There is a force within you that powers your life. This same life force undergirds and is woven through the whole web of existence. It is in us and in the space around us. This space is teeming with the quantum possibilities of life.  All potentials inhere within this divine matrix. We could reach into this field of endless possibilities and claim for ourselves the desire of our heart if only we knew how. But this would take an extensive knowledge of our self and our universe that is never taught in schools.

We are NOT able to connect to this field via the thinking mind. And since the thinking mind is all that is catered to in education, we are barred from knowing our true essence as creative, powerful beings. Our full power rests on our ability to employ all of our inherent faculties, body and mind, heart and soul. This is the only way to WAKE UP and stop being indoctrinated by a worldview that says: space is empty; life is purposeless; mind came out of matter etc.  Waking up is coming to see that we are not different from the field; that there is nothing but this field; everything arises and falls away within the field; it is our source and our home.

Ancient cultures knew instinctively how to connect to this life force that birthed us into existence. They simply opened their hearts and felt gratitude for the living, loving cosmos. Our hearts emit far more electro-magnetic energy than our brains. The ancients discovered that when the heart radiates emotions like love, compassion and forgiveness, the power of these emotions can  literally transform material life. To love the quantum field, the source of all divine intelligence, is to be open to its myriad gifts. They focused on feeling love and gratitude for what they wanted as if they already had it.  Try it. It works.


The Power of the Heart/Mind

Conventional education never teaches the real power of the mind. If it did, we would all be free of its limiting shackles. In keeping us chained to the intellect, we are cut off from the wisdom of our hearts and souls. 

The miraculous healing power of the mind was demonstrated in a medicine-less hospital in China some years ago. A youtube video (no longer available) shows a woman with an inoperable tumour lying on a table. We see a sonogram machine beside her showing the size of the tumour and a timing device. Three spiritually evolved men (monks, I think) enter the room and start praying for her healing with all their focus and attention. They acknowledge the tumour without judging it in any way and concentrate on seeing this woman as already healed and whole. They feel and see her healing in their hearts and minds as if it has already occurred. These thoughts and images of healing are drawing down the quantum possibility of total healing.

In less than three minutes, we witness the tumour shrinking and finally disappearing. This is the kind of miracle that the mind is capable of when it’s working with the energy of the heart and the knowledge of the infinite possibilities available when we tune into the essence of life. 

Recent technologies help us confirm what these spiritually evolved ancient cultures knew intuitively. We can measure the changes, not only in our own physiology but on surrounding electrical and magnetic fields, with these practices. When we get clarity in our minds as to the outcome we desire and then we feel the gratitude in our hearts as if we already had it, we align ourselves with the quantum field of all possibilities. So open your mind, feel your heart and look out for miracles.