Transforming With Aha Moments

With this Aha Integral Coaching blog you can transform your life.

It’ll show you how to free yourself from suffering of any kind. Even if you only want to take baby steps, this blog, this guide will hold your hand. If you want to free yourself from current habits of thinking and behaving, it will be your teacher. That may be enough for you at this stage. But if you want total freedom, it will guide you to transform your life all the way. You will be given “Aha” moments that will wake you up, shaking the foundations of all your beliefs and identities to the core of your being. Forget mere change. Aha moments are about total transformation and total freedom.

The story is set in your whole being, i.e. the entire spectrum of consciousness that you are, from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit. Let’s call this a ladder where each rung on the ladder transcends and includes the rung below. As you climb the ladder you take with you all that you were before, but then you add something new — you transcend and include all that you used to be.

This blog will challenge you on every rung, at every level of your consciousness. “Aha” moments will elevate you to a point where you transcend to your next level of awareness. From here you’ll be able to look back dispassionately at all the previous levels of your development with their self-doubts and habitual thinking and constricted ways of being. You’ll look at them as objects and thus you will see that you are not them. Perceiving them as objects in your awareness, you are free of them. The game is up. You ‘have’ them, they no longer ‘have’ you. They are mere productions of your ego-mind and when you realize this, they stop running you. You’re in control. With this comes freedom from the past and the ability to live in the only moment you’ll ever have — this one right now.

Each transformation of awareness is a step up the ladder to freedom. With each rung you will shed identification with your body, your thoughts, your beliefs and so become freer, lighter and more joyful. You’ll know how to live with complete engagement in each moment as it arises. This is a soul level of consciousness where you become authentic, able to express the unique being that is you, listening to no-one except the voice of your intuition, your innate wisdom.

At this stage of development the blog will continue to hold your hand along a path of “Aha” moments all the way to the final, spiritual level of the spectrum. To achieve this level of consciousness requires you to have the biggest “Aha” of all, the one that awakens you to your true identity.

Waking up means questioning everything you’ve taken for granted including who you think you are. When you have shaken the foundations of your beliefs to the point where their whole edifice collapses, you will transcend your ego, your made-up self. You will be at the top of the ladder, the level of spirit. This is ultimate freedom; freedom from the constriction of the small self, the identity that keeps you thinking you are a skin-encapsulated separate entity; and freedom from living in the past so that you can experience the Now and see that it has nothing to do with time but is an eternal consciousness.

From the top rung you don’t think. You experience yourself as no longer separate; you are the vastness of the sky and the depth of the ocean. ‘You’ are not form at all, you are nothing, no thing. You are the pure energy that suffuses everything and makes everything one. At this level you have awakened to who you truly are in your deepest being — pure, vast, open, eternal awareness. (These are some of the concepts that are used to describe an experience that is beyond any words). “Aha” moments light the path to spiritual awakening. They strip away the clouds of illusion that keep you identified with the ego-created material and mental worlds to reveal your true identity. Only then will you experience yourself as the spirit that you always are and always were, before time began.

From my heart to yours, I dearly hope you’ll come along for the ride along the spectrum of consciousness. It takes courage to transform and that’s why I’m here — to walk the path with you. It’ll be a bumpy ride with lots of thrills and spills as you climb up the ladder. But the view from the top is breathtaking.