Donald Trump Wears Red Glasses

From birth we all have to go through a series of steps, or stages of development as we try to negotiate and make sense of this world. Think of them as a set of Russian dolls where one doll is added to the group of enfolded dolls and then encased by a bigger doll which in turn is encased by one that is bigger still. Each doll is a developmental milestone, colour-coded to express qualities that are specific to the worldview at that level. Very broadly, levels go from being ego-centric to ethno-centric to world-centric and beyond.

Ego-centric worldviews are red; it’s all about me, me, me. We are ALL pulled by ego to varying degrees, so to deny that you have ego-centricity is to feed your shadow, the bit of you you don’t want to look at. By refusing to hold your own narcissism up to the light of day and just own it, accept it, welcome it, you stuff it down and out, seeing it showing up as people you feel superior to. If we could just see this, laugh at this, stop making ourselves feel bad or guilty or wrong about such infantile behaviour then we could “get over it” and keep growing, keep ascending to more tolerant and loving dimensions within ourselves.

This means so long as we’re raving and ranting about Trump, we are refusing to see the red in our own psyche. It is through looking for sameness and not differences that we begin to take off our red glasses. When we stop seeing other souls around us as competition and start truly opening our hearts to them in co-operation, realising that we’re all in this together, it lifts our vibration. It makes us feel better on the inside to co-operate and not compete and it transforms our relations with others. We grow by dropping judgement, forgiving, accepting and loving others as best we can. This lifts us above a purely self-centred, red way of thinking and operating in the world.

Could you let Donald Trump off the hook? Could you see that it takes a very frightened little boy to conclude that the world is a jungle, there is never enough, and the only power you have is to scream like a toddler, insisting you are right. A wise and confident man feels no need to defend himself; he realises that, paradoxically his power lies in his defencelessness. No war can ensue from acceptance, tolerance, no need to defend or attack.

If your hackles rise when you think of Trump, look within my friend, look within. Find a way to go into your own heart, feel all the fear of a scary world that we all feel sometimes, expand this emotion, welcome the fear, thank it and finally, release it. Replace it with feelings of compassion for you and all your fellow human beings; allow the love to grow and expand, bathe in that, trust that, trust the Love that you are.

Russian Dolls