Feel It To Heal It (2)


Throughout our lives we unconsciously recoil against the world. We tense and contract our bodies in an attempt to push it away, to isolate ourselves from the scary parts of life. In resisting our feelings, we deny them and swallow them back, causing layer upon layer to settle within us and then freeze over. These painful feelings have not been allowed to complete their Gestalt and flow naturally through us. Over the years these frozen wastelands constrict our bodies and shut down our life force. They become the painbody that we carry around with us.

We live in our heads and treat the body like an inconvenient appendage that has to be fed and watered. This is a very unloving way to live and causes a mind/body split in us that makes us feel very scattered and anxious. The loving thing to do is to begin to heal the split by giving your body some much-needed attention. The body houses great wisdom if we just tune into it. Then we discover where we’ve stashed our unwanted feelings and begin to feel them and then release them.

Some cultures have long acknowledged the operation of subtle energy systems within us. In India the chakra system describes swirling vortices of energy in different parts of the body that emit and receive their own frequency of vibration. When chakras are blocked with emotional debris, so is the free flow of vital energy through the system. Whatever is blocked physically is blocked energetically and vice versa. All parts of the body can be the site of Aha moments but the most common places are the throat, the solar plexus, the gut and the heart.
When you explore your own emotions, you find out where you store your painbody and learn to dissolve it:

“I have learned how to dissolve and evaporate the knots of fear and frustration in my solar plexus and head”
— (S.L. client)

The heart chakra’s value is universal love and when this channel is clear, mind and body are connected and transcended. Aha moments sensed in the heart can bring wholeness and peace:

“I feel it in my heart. It’s physical. I feel whole and at peace with myself. I’m not sure I can describe it any better than that”.
— (K. R. client)

It is from the heart that we come to know about love and how powerful it is. We can be whole-hearted about life only when we tune into the heart and feel for the passions and values that are most important to us. The most loving thing we can do for ourselves is to discover our unique life purpose, what is most deeply valuable for us to live a fulfilling life. And the heart is much stronger than the head, having its own ‘brain’ and an electromagnetic field about 60 times greater than the brain in amplitude. The heart’s energy permeates every cell in the body so it is a much more reliable guidance system than the thinking, monkey mind. So tune into your feelings – accept them, feel them, release the ones that cause you pain and get excited – get very excited - about the ones that serve your life purpose!


Sit down and tune in to what’s happening inside. Think about what is deeply important to you at this juncture of your life. Draw a picture. Use words. Find metaphors.

Now write a list of your values and passions. Make sure they are your values and nobody else’s. As you contemplate each one, close your eyes and breathe it into your body. Check for feelings of excitement, motivation. Re-write your list in order of priority. Your body will tell you which values to prioritize.