Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you take who you are to be self-evident? Have you simply swallowed whole the story of who you are without ever being invited to question it?

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

ACIM is a psycho-spiritual technology that invites you to question every single belief until it unwinds them all from our mind. We come to the realization that who we truly are is not a ‘thing’: not a voice in the head nor a story, (a history), not what our culture has conditioned us to believe we are. This is the biggest Aha moment of all, when we awaken to our true nature as no different from the Source of all creation. What we call ‘Life’ is never the same after.

The World is an Illusion

The sole reason for our suffering rests on an illusion, a gigantic case of mistaken identity. The illusion was created when we found ourselves in a state of separation – seeing ourselves as separate and distinct  from other people and other things in the world. This sense of being a skin-bound individual is referred to as the ego. It’s the false self. It’s as if the filament of light that is our Being grabbed itself a few fine threads and knitted itself into a little knot that I now call “me”. I am separate and alone, living in fear of the big bad world and what it might do to me. The ego has now drawn blackout blinds across the Truth of Life. We now misidentify as the voice in our heads, the constant commentary that dictates our life. This voice loves to judge, criticize and condemn. It loves to lure us into thinking that it has our best interests at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s whole apparent existence depends on hiding the truth from you. To awaken to Truth spells the end of its reign of terror. Could There Be Anything More Important to Know Than This?

What could be more important than finding out the Truth of who you are? 

If you’ve ever wondered “What the hell am I doing here?’ (the here being this world), might this be the answer? Could it be that your life’s purpose is precisely this – to be a light unto the world? When you awaken, you never do so alone. So finding our way Home to God, returning to Source energy heals not only us, but brings healing light to the whole planet.

There IS another intelligence within you

There is another source of intelligence within you, one that has been obscured It invites you to tear up your map of the world and relax. There is every reason to relax and become radically calm. For, as you gradually awaken to your true identity, fear becomes impossible, laughable even. As we allow another mind to take charge of our lives, our lives change before our very eyes as we sink into the “peace that passeth all understanding”.

Leigh Longhurst