AHA! Is this the Real Meaning of Christmas?

The meaning you make of Christmas is likely based on your religious ‘education’. But if you’d had a spiritual upbringing, you might understand it radically differently. For example:

If you followed the teachings of A Course in Miracles, you would learn that:

The miracle of Christmas is the miracle of personal transformation.

There is only ONE son of God, and we are all it.

The birth of Jesus is the moment of now.

The Miracle of Christmas is the Miracle of Personal Transformation

The birth of Christ symbolises the realization (making real in your own experience) of a higher consciousness in you. It is not an external event, but an intimately personal insight into the truth of your being as an extension of God’s Love. (Fill in whatever word you like for God: love, source, presence, pure awareness, the ground of all Being – they all point to the same thing).

An angel is a thought from God. Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel and told that God himself would impregnate her and she would carry his seed. Mary represents the human soul. God archetypically is masculine and the soul is feminine, representing the earth. So Mary opens to receive, surrenders her soul to this penetration by spirit, and out of this, Christ on earth is co-created. So Christ is not male or female but a consciousness that is fathered by God and mothered by humanity.

When we follow this lead by personally opening to spirit, to co-creating with God and receiving this state of consciousness, we transform our lives; we know ourselves as the human actualized as the divine; we are the embodiment of Love.

There is only ONE of us

The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. We live in darkness because we see an illusion, an illusion of being separate and alone. Our bodies’ eyes may see other bodies but in truth there is only Oneness. The light of Christmas is the light that comes down from the higher mind and penetrates the darkness, lifts the veil of ego and reveals the Truth of this.

Christmas is a time to see that God gives us the same opportunity he gave to Mary. God wants to work a miracle in you so that God’s son is born in you. There was only one begotten son and we are all it. When the son is born in us, we transform our consciousness. With the Christ in us, new energies come about, energies that help to heal the sick in us, to raise the dead in us.

The birth of Jesus is the moment of now.

We are never in the present moment when we are in our ego minds. The fearful ego mind  is precisely what prevents us from birthing Jesus in our consciousness. If we shut down our hearts and attend to these fearful thoughts, it is we who are saying “There is no room at the inn”. But if we place attention instead on opening our hearts, we invite Christ consciousness to be born in us. Surrendering our hearts to the higher wisdom is offering a manger in which Jesus, the spirit of Love can be born. The joy of Christmas is knowing ourselves as Love in that moment. Not a moment in time because time is an ego invention, but a moment that cuts through time to reveal eternity.

 It is possible to live in such a way that we give birth to Love in every moment. If we do, we will have transformed lives, and not just our own life.

Merry Christmas mighty companions!