ACIM coaching is based on the psycho-spiritual technology of A Course in Miracles.

This radical technology can induce life-altering, ego-shattering Aha moments. Even though the teachings of ACIM are diametrically opposed to everything we have ever been taught, there is a tiny light of knowing within us that is able to recognise their Truth. We are never taught to acknowledge or access this light so it has all but gone out!

I believe that every personal crisis is therefore ultimately a spiritual crisis, in that we have unconsciously chosen the darkness of the ego mind over this light of pure knowing.

The ego mind draws a heavy veil over the truth of who we are as a pure, perfect. innocent extension of our Source. We therefore suffer a case of mistaken identity by believing ourselves to be small, separate and all alone in the world.

We think we live in a read world that offers endless real choices that we must decide between. Yet ACIM turns this belief on its head. The only freedom lies in the will to make only ONE choice in every moment, the choice between:

The One Mind or the Split Mind

The Holy Spirit or The Ego

Oneness or Separation

Reality or the Illusion

Of all the intelligences you possess from body to mind to soul to spirit, spiritual intelligence is by far the most important. Only by coming to know yourself as essentially Spirit can you free yourself from the hell of ego identification. The ingrained habit of thinking you are a limited body in a finite world paints an illusory dream world. ACIM teaches that the ego identity is the illusion.

The biggest Aha moment of all comes when you see the illusion for the dream that it is. Then you can melt back into the source of the Love that created you, swapping the nightmare of existential angst for the Happy Dream!

ACIM chimes perfectly with the Aha Integral coaching method because of its focus on relationships. Miracles happen in the practice of forgiveness. It is through forgiving others that we heal ourselves and come to know our true nature. We ‘inter-are’, we are teach a refraction of the One light, the one Christ consciousness. Through going beyond the body’s eyes to recognise the Christ consciousness in others, we come to re-cognise it in ourselves.

A further similarity is that both aim to set you free. Most kinds of therapy and counselling foster a reliance on the ‘expert’ therapist, whereas this coaching gives you all the tools and strategies you need to self coach. In the deepest dimensions of your being, practising ACIM gives you access to a permanent, inner ‘coach’ that lifts you above your ego mind to the ‘peace that passeth understanding’.

With ACIM, your search for any outside spiritual ‘authority ‘ is over. As you surrender to this inner coach, this Holy Spirit and allow it to guide your life, the light in you starts to shine. You feel full of the vibration of love that you are. Life becomes easy and effortless as you simply follow what you are guided to do. You see that what’s looking is what you’ve been looking for.

I’d love to work with you if ACIM is the right teaching for you. It can lead to the biggest “Aha” of all – coming home to your Oneness in spirit and finding unshakable peace and happiness at last.

Albert Einstein said, 'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.'”

Expect miracles!




ACIM Coaching