I’m all about waking up!

Years of study and practice showed me how people transform their lives. The essential ingredients are big, idea-smashing, bone-rattling Aha moments. These blast through your small ways of thinking and being to awaken all potentials within you,

Know your Self

The only things worth knowing are paradoxical to the logical mind. For example you have a self and a Self. But you have to know the self in order to transcend the self and experience the Self.

How do I know?

I could tell you that I have qualifications in Life Coaching and NeuroLinguistic programming and Emotional Freedom therapy; that I have multiple degrees in psychology and a PhD in insight. All this is true but it matters only to the judgemental mind which is nothing but a bunch of handed-down thoughts. All the world’s academic knowledge is useless in the absence of knowing. To know anything is to experience it vividly for yourself, in the depths of your own being. I had to experience life-altering Aha moments for myself to really get it; to see how they moved me from identification with the small self to the oneness of Self. And you can ‘get it’ too, and as a result, transform your life.

You will get it

You require only willingness. If you come to the process with an open mind and an open heart, you will experience yourself differently. Instead of being stuck in your head, you will vibrate at levels of wisdom and intuition that have been lying dormant awaiting your attention!

As you learn to trust your own intuition, you are guided to higher states of Being where you feel free to express the Love that you are.

I’m more into helping people blast their old thoughts clean out of the water so that they wake up to their uniqueness and begin to express it in the world.