What is aha integral coaching

Aha Integral Coaching (AIC) is a way of transforming your life.

Not changing.

TRANSforming it, as in going beyond the current form and shape of your life to a permanently higher and happier place.

Transforming through Aha moments of insight and integrating all of your being so that you're no longer estranged from yourself.

Aha moments WAKE YOU UP to become all that you can be - and that being is infinitely beyond your wildest imaginings.

And yet you can become that person with a little support and guidance. Integrating all of who you are takes you to higher levels of energy and vibration. Every part of you is finally in harmony as we work simultaneously with your body, your mind, your emotions and your deepest potentials. You come alive for the first time and have a clarity and confidence born of self-knowledge and the taking of bold action.

Self-awareness means you begin to experience all of who you are across a whole spectrum of potentials, many of which you are currently unaware. But all the potentials of the universe lie dormant within you and AIC can bring them out. All it takes is a little willingness to try something new.

So if you feel stressed or stuck or unfulfilled, rest assured there is strong, gentle, loving help at hand from someone who has researched the subject and knows what works.

If you want to raise your life game to become all you can be, then you become a player, a designer of your own destiny and not a passive recipient of life's twists and turns. If you're a player you need a coach. And you won't find a more comprehensive coaching approach. Aha Integral Coaching transcends and includes the learning from all coaching models.

individual coaching

AIC offers a safe and courageous space where you are truly heard and truly seen, where you gain insights great and small into who you are and what you want, where you are championed every step of the way, with no judgement but only unconditional love.

Integral coaching means coaching all of who you are in mind body and soul so that instead of feeling scattered or stuck, you start to feel whole again. You rise above your habitual thinking to express who you authentically are, giving you the clarity and confidence to stand in your own authentic power and design the life that you want.

First, you must wake up! Aha moments of insight light the path of your transformation. They are little jewels of self-realisation, each one taking you a little closer to freedom, re-connecting you with innate levels of intelligence that you forgot you had. You recognise and own the truth of Aha moments instantly. Instead of being told what to do or think, you learn to trust these insights that come from your own intuition. This is how you live an authentic life - of freedom!

Freedom also means freeing yourself from the tyranny of your own ego mind. You learn to transcend your ego to be in touch with the whisperings of your soul. Only then can you have true clarity about which paths to take, when your soul is liberated to do its own thing.

Wherever you are on life's journey, AIC will take you one step further along the spectrum that is you. We work with the whole spectrum of your consciousness from matter to body to heart/mind to soul to spirit, working with the levels that suit you. 

couples coaching

Whether you want to be coached about a relationship matter or whether you and your partner want to be coached together, AIC can help you to find happiness and fulfilment in your relationships. We can address issues like these:

How can I/We Create the Perfect Relationship?

How can We (Re)Build Trust, Love?

How Can We Deepen Our Communication, and thus our Intimacy?

Do I Stay or do I Go?

How Do I End This Relationship That's Not Working?

How Can I Attract the Right Man (Woman) instead of the Same Man (Woman) With Different Faces?

Can I Be Happy Alone?

How do I Learn to Love?

Whatever challenges you are facing in or out of a relationship you can wake up to who you truly are, what you truly want and how to get it. AIC is always encouraging you to step up to the next level of consciousness, the next level of awareness where you become aware of your impact on yourself and others. You will see that you can evolve and grow to appreciate and revel much more in life, always coming from a place of more empathy, more wisdom and deeper concern for all of the people in your life, especially your beloved. 


AIC only uses the tried and tested methods that have come from personal doctoral research and that of the Integral meta-theory of consciousness. So the results are fast, effective and sustainable.

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