Why is it here now?


AIC is the result of a study, the first of its kind. This study produced answers to the question of how people can transform their lives. Never before have these answers been so badly needed. Transforming our consciousness is the only way this world can survive.

Higher levels of consciousness are associated with feelings of increased connectedness. We no longer relate just narcissistically to ourselves, nor  just ethnocentrically to our social groups but from a global consciousness, with care and concern for the whole planet.

AIC transcends existing paradigms of psychology and personal growth. These are not working. More people in the Western world are depressed and anxious than ever before and the numbers are growing exponentially.

Partial Psychologies Deliver Partial Results

We’ve been deceived into believing that our lives will change if we attend to our childhood traumas, OR deal with our negative thinking, or take new actions OR figure out our purpose in life.

These psychology approaches can be helpful but they are partial, failing to take account of the totality of all that you are. That’s mostly because these approaches were devised by people who don’t know who they are. Like all Western approaches to health in the mind and body, everything is carved up.

This is why there’s so much depression and discontent. People feel fractured and scattered, never realizing the fullness of their being. They are not made aware of all the intelligences they possess in their body, mind, soul and spirit. Without being encouraged to think about these inner dimensions, these innate intelligences are left to rot as unrealized potentials within you.

This is the tragedy of conventional approaches to helping people grow and evolve. And this is why only an Integral approach can change things. Integration of your self at all levels of your being, using all the multiple intelligences available to you is the secret of a happy, fulfilled, connected existence.

I know this because I’ve made it my life’s work to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to transforming our lives. My doctoral study culminated in a model of super-holistic coaching. Therefore this coaching is not based on any airy-fairy theories but solid, empirical results.

So don’t feel alone or disconnected or overwhelmed. AIC will blow your mind to the next level of consciousness. Results are fast, effective, sustainable and use cutting edge knowledge derived from my study and the Integral paradigm.