The Aha Model of Insight and Its Scope


My study produced some sensational results that culminated in a super-holistic model of coaching. Its most important finding is how and where inside us the Aha moment can be experienced. The finding is a mind-blowing revelation.

Our culture brainwashes us into staying in our mind. Identifying with only the body and the thinking mind keeps us locked in a relatively unimportant and barren dimension of our selves, devoid of access to the deeper intelligences of our soul and spirit. Thinking keeps us stuck in a small ego self, ignorant of these higher dimensions within us. This is suffering.

The truth is that insights can occur along a whole spectrum of consciousness from ego to body to mind to soul to spirit. And the further along this spectrum the Aha insight appears, the more it contributes to transforming our lives. This is freedom from suffering.

The Aha model symbolizes how we move from ego to spirit as we transform and evolve all the way up to realizing our true nature:


Ego Aha Moments

Egoic Aha moments often arise when we explore our inner worlds. They shine a light on our intrinsic skills, talents and passions. They also illuminate the ways in which we screw up our relationships with ourselves and other people.

The upshot of egoic Aha moments is that we come to be more accepting of ourselves and more loving and compassionate towards others.

Insights into ourselves help us to rise beyond identification with our egoic personality. We still show the world a personality, but it is softer and more accommodating. Because we are no longer in the grip of the ego, we become less reactive and more patient and present.

Body Aha Moments

The body has much to tell us when we tune in. Indeed many Aha moments are felt first in the body and only then registered in the mind. Learning to trust the wisdom of the body means you are no longer the slave of the monkey mind.

Mind Aha Moments

When the body (soma) and the mind (psyche) begin to work in harmony, magic happens. From a sense of being scattered and fragmented we begin to feel re-connected to ourselves and to the world around us.

Learning to control the mind and consult the body lets us experience a mind-body wholeness that brings the clarity and confidence to move forward in life.  

Soul Aha Moments

Soul Aha moments come from the deepest reaches of intuition and are felt as a very visceral energy. They are trusted because they feel so good and bring such awareness. They are your inner teacher and the guidance system for you to return home to wholeness.

Feeling and coming to know the different energy centers in the body helps these insights to arise and when they do, they mobilize our life purpose, giving our lives much deeper meaning.

Spiritual Aha Moments

Spiritual Aha moments are beyond the capacity of words to convey. Yet, like all Aha moments, insight that arises in spiritual intelligence is not something to be talked about but something to be personally experienced. And every single one of us has equal access to this intelligence, regardless of what we call it.

People speak of awakening to a reality that they experience as far more real and alive than this material existence. They enter a state of Oneness that is not experienced in time and space. In this state there is no me and other, no inside and outside, no form and no form.

This state of non-duality is the philosophical, spiritual and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic Oneness.

Spiritual Aha moments are the most important of all because they deliver us into our highest capacities for love, peace and happiness when we experience this Oneness.

There is a tidal wave of consciousness shifting towards Oneness. People are sick of a world of judgment and pain and separation. They are working on spiritually healing themselves so they can find peace within themselves and extend it, in love, to others.

Come and ride the wave of peace, love and happiness!