AIC – A Super-holistic Coaching Model of Insight

This super-holistic model of coaching denotes change on a number of levels. Unlike conventional therapies it symbolizes all of your dimensions of consciousness. The most limiting aspect of therapy is that it targets only prescribed aspects of the whole person that you are. It only thinks of you as an ego/body/mind.

That’s one of the reasons why AIC is not just holistic but super-holistic in its approach. Unlike therapies that promise you change, this one offers total transformation of your conscious experience of yourself, others and the world.

And with a focus on Aha moments, AIC provides the means for you to speed up the process of transforming your life.

The model explains how we have the capacities to transcend and include our levels of consciousness from ego to spirit as we develop. We do not stop at mind, although you wouldn’t know it in a society where you have been taught to think of the mind as the apex of your intelligence.

You start off being identified with your ego. As you develop to the next level, you include your ego but now you’ve transcended it. You are no longer identified as a solitary ego mind. As you evolve beyond ego consciousness, you still have a functioning ego but you are no longer controlled by it. You’ve transcended and included it.

This is the path to freedom – to have thoughts but not to believe you are your thoughts, to have feelings but not be ruled by them, all the way up to soul and spiritual levels of development where you realize what you are instead of what you’re not.

Developing your innate intelligences to become all that you can be is the road to abiding happiness and peace. Happiness increases as you grow from identifying with your ego mind to identifying with the one indivisible Mind that we all are.

In the end you realize that you are a vibrating, buzzing energy field and as you lift your vibration to its highest level, you deposit love and peace into the One field of consciousness that we all are.