Material AHA Moments


This is a famous Gestalt picture. When we look at any picture we always see a main element – the ‘figure’ and are dimly aware of what’s in the background, or ‘ground’. Have a look at it — what do you see as figure and what do you see as ground?

Do you see a pretty young lady or an ugly old hag?

Whichever you see, let her go now, let her recede into the background and bring the alternative subject to the foreground. If you saw the pretty young lady now see the ugly old hag. Make that switch! Take a moment…

(If you need some help, the eye of the old hag is the ear of the young woman who is looking away. The old hag’s mouth is the young woman’s necklace).

The Aha moment comes along on a tide of confusion followed by delicious deliverance. It is a special moment because it does not come from the usual thinking mind. Experiencing an Aha moment goes something like this:

There is a split second of brain stall; the left-brain “seizes up” momentarily and in that tiny gap of confusion, in that space of not knowing, in that impasse, the right brain grabs the opportunity to show you something new. The new subject smashes through into the foreground of your vision and voila – the flip is complete. It’s such a thrill when we see something in a whole new way.

The trouble is, we never do. We never make any room for an impasse – a little gap between thoughts so that there is a chance of seeing something different. Yet it is in the gap between stimulus and response that brain magic can happen. Without this knowledge about creating this gap you cannot change your life.

You are Unconscious

How you interacted with the picture is how you interact with everything. The Gestalt switch shows that our perception is a self-imposed limitation. The left brain sees what it’s seen before and files it away without a second glance. When we fixate on seeing from only first impressions, we slam the door on our creative potential. We fail to engage the right brain where novelty, creativity and ‘big picture’ energies are to be found.
The mind should be under our control but the opposite is true. We are addicted to the thoughts in our head and the reactions in our body. This means we are 99% zombie because over 99% of our thoughts and actions are unconscious and ingrained. We could put Pavlov’s dogs to shame with our stimulus-response, press-my-buttons, watch-me-go performances.
The only hope is to wake up! You owe it to yourself not to live a robotic life where you’ve ‘seen it all before’. Where the hell is the wonder of life in that?

Waking Up Practice

Let it sink in that there are multiple ways of seeing things. You are simply stuck in “your” way and that’s okay. No judgment, just a gentle awareness of what’s going on within you.
Then make a decision to stand in your power. This mind of yours is under YOUR control. You are not under it’s!

Tomorrow do this:
Be very aware that energy flows where attention goes. So put all your focus and attention on this practice:

Throughout the day, take one deep conscious breathe, look again and consider whatever is in front of you from as many angles as possible. Let go of thinking and just look, with fresh eyes as if you’ve never seen it/him/her before.

Practice this and you will access the power of your right-brain. Your intuition will be switched on, decisions will be easier, creative ideas will flow and you will feel alive again, your vibration will lift and you will attract little miracles into your life.

So, mind that gap!