Aha Integral Coaching is for you if:

You are strong enough to reach out when you feel stuck, uninspired or overwhelmed. We are better together!

You want much deeper connection within yourself and with the world.

You allowed yourself to be brainwashed into acquiring the qualifications, the career, the partner, the nice house, the recognition, the money or whatever - and yet you still feel a hole in your soul.

You could use someone who will:

  • unconditionally love you just as you are

  • be on your side without reservation

  • be a champion, a challenger, a mentor, a staunch ally who will hold you up when you feel small.

  • provide a safe and courageous space for your self-exploration

  • get curious with you about what’s working and what’s holding you back

  • help you to figure out your purpose based on your unique values, talents and passions

  • and heal all relationships, with yourself, with other people and with Life.

You want to WAKE UP to the realisation that you have everything inside you right now to transform your life.


Why is it here now?

This model of coaching grew out of my own academic study, the first of its kind. I wanted to know what really works when people attempt to transform their lives.

Integral coaching is needed as never before because existing paradigms of psychology and personal growth are clearly not working. More people in the Western world are depressed and anxious than ever before and the numbers are growing exponentially.

The paradigm needs to shift. Instead of tinkering around with beliefs and behaviours, we need an approach that honours all of who we are and fills the existential vacuum of a world that has forgotten the highest reaches of its potentials.




What does it do?

  • It transforms your life. It goes far beyond change because when you operate from a higher vibration of consciousness, this is a permanent shift. You access more joy and aliveness.

  • Aha moments of insight give you more and more self-awareness so that you can be in charge of your mind, body and emotions.

  • From greater states of awareness you know what you want with great clarity and are given the tools to achieve your goals

  • It re-integrates your heart and head, body and instincts so that you start to feel whole again, integrated and connected to your purpose.

With elevated consciousness come feelings of increased connectedness. We no longer relate just narcissistically to ourselves, but we connect authentically with others. The focus becomes world-centric, with care and concern for all.