AHA Integral Coaching (AIC) coaches all of who you are – body, mind and soul, in a shorter timeframe and with proven results.

You don’t become dependent on your therapist and their limited view of who you are: you learn & take away, the skills and tools you need to self-coach, to stand in your power and unleash your unique potentials.

  • Transforming relationships is the goal of AIC. Feeling ambivalent in our relationships is a feeling that creates anxiety, doesn’t it? Whether your challenge is your relationship with yourself, your partner, or your colleagues, AIC takes the relationship to a new level of clarity and connection.

  • Freedom, as well as everything else you’ve ever wanted, lies on the other side of fear. We are so gripped by fear that we even fear to show our brilliance! With AIC you transcend all of that by mastering your mind and emotions instead of being at their mercy.

  • It is much easier to transcend your fears and limitations when you have the unconditional love and support of someone who wants you to be the best possible version of yourself. Someone who will never judge but will always be on your side, helping you to move forward with ease.

Leigh Longhurst is the AHA Queen. Qualified in Psychology, Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Therapy, topped off with a PhD (in insight and its ability to transform people). Most of all Leigh believes in people, and using her skills and experience to give cutting-edge techniques on how to transform relationships.