ACIM Coaching


ACIM coaching is for students of A Course in Miracles. It is designed for those already practicing the Course or those who want to make it their spiritual path.

ACIM is especially appropriate for this coaching method because of its focus on relationships. Miracles happen in the practice of forgiveness. It is through forgiving others that we heal ourselves and come to know our true nature. So the course is very relational, recognizing that we ‘inter-are’, we are the One appearing as the many. Through recognizing the Christ consciousness in others, we come to recognize it in ourselves.

It is such a relief to come home to your Self, your true Self and not the little ‘ego on legs’ that you’ve taken yourself to be. Along the spectrum of consciousness that you are from body to mind to soul to spirit, developing your spiritual intelligence is the most important. Only then can you experience your infinite Self. With this awareness, you now have access to all your powers.

You no longer need any outside authority to tell you what spirituality means because practicing the course illuminates your inner teacher. You automatically find yourself coming less from ego and more from the vibration of love that you are.

There’s a part of your mind that desperately wants to remember its true identity in God; and there’s the ego part that doesn’t believe a word of it and will persuade you over and over again that you are just a finite body in a material world. But there’s another part too that we’ve lost sight of. This is the decision-making part that has free will to choose, and choose again.

ACIM makes crystal clear that free will equals this ONE choice to make in every moment, the choice between:


The One Mind or the Split Mind

The Holy Spirit or The Ego

Oneness or Separation

Reality or the Illusion


I’d love to work with you if ACIM is the right teaching for you. It can lead to the biggest “Aha” of all – coming home to your Oneness in spirit and finding unshakable peace and happiness at last.

Albert Einstein said, 'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.'”

Expect miracles!