Hello, I'm Leigh, and I'm a Coach...

I had to do a bunch of studies (see below if you’re interested) to figure out that knowing stuff doesn’t make you feel happy, or safe, or worthy, or acknowledged or whatever else is subconsciously being sought in appropriating “knowledge”.

No regrets – knowledge has its place and of course we have to be introduced to ideas before we can explore them for ourselves.

Communication is my thing...

I have loved sharing much of this knowledge through lecturing, writing and workshops. But knowledge is not knowing, i.e. it’s not personally experienced in the mind, heart and gut and so known beyond any shadow of a doubt. No outside ‘authority’ can compare to the intrinsic knowing that we can all tap into with the right support and guidance.

That’s why I became a coach and not a therapist or counsellor.

Their models of changing beliefs and healing emotional wounds are valid, but very limited.

They fail to address the magnificence of all that we are. 

I’m more into helping people blast their old thoughts clean out of the water so that they wake up to their uniqueness and begin to express it in the world.

The only way this can happen is with personal, visceral Aha moments, wake-up calls from the depths of your own being. I believe that we are here to help each other become all that we can be and that two heads are better than one. People need to hear themselves speak out loud to figure out what they really think. And when two people get together in an “I/thou” relationship where each is held in a container of unconditional love, then magic happens – magic that transcends the tragic limitations of the conditioned mind.

I know from experience that we all have a phenomenal capacity for insights to be delivered from not only our heads and our hearts but from the eternal field of consciousness that is within and around us. How exciting when we experience this, how transformative! That's my passion...

Educational / Developmental Qualifications

  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • PhD. (My research was conducted using the “Co-Active” Coaching model. Thesis title: The Transformational Potential of the “Aha” Moment in Life Coaching and Beyond).
  • M.Sc. Social Psychology
  • B.Sc. Hons. Psychology
  • B. A. German and Politics
  • N.L.P. Master Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Therapist