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If there were a hidden door to transforming all your relationship problems - with yourself and with every other human being,

Would you walk through?



Your mind, through unconscious habit, controls you. Aha moments wake you up to your self-defeating patterns of thinking. With this r-e-a-l isation you can take back control by seeing that all your thoughts are just empty, handed-down ideas. Experience alone is real. Mind Aha moments release you from the brainwashed mind so you can express your authentic self.



Not only can your body give you great pleasure and great pain but it can also give you great wisdom. Aha moments in the body tap into this wisdom, releasing pain and trapped emotions. This is a key part of your transformation. With body-mind integration, your way forward becomes crystal clear.



Spirit is the Life force that flows in you and around you, like an invisible energetic thread connecting all creation. This force resonates powerfully in your head, heart and gut and Aha moments in these places yield insights that allow you to integrate all dimensions of your being. You start to heal and feel whole again as your body, mind, soul and spirit become open, receptive channels. Now you are firing on all cylinders, vibrating at higher frequencies , making you unstoppable!

It’s hard to summarise how profound my experience of coaching with Leigh has been.

The short version - it has changed my life.
— Recent client testimonial